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This is all about fast,loud,chopping and psy cars...

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Psychedelic Bass Rules

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1Psychedelic Bass Rules Empty Psychedelic Bass Rules 23rd May 2007, 13:53



Psychedelic Bass Rules

- No posting of any pornographic images. This will not be tolerated and you will be instantly banned. This is your only warning!

- Stealing parts from other user's chops is not accepted. Depending on the circumstances you may be instantly banned, unless a donor image can be provided. This is in the VR

- No excessive spamming, it won't be tolerated.

- No abuse towards other members, no racism, no excessive swearing or flaming. But joking is cool Smile

If these rules are broken, you will receive a warning from a moderator/admin unless stated otherwise in the rules. The value of the warning is at the moderator/admin's discretion.

Remember, the rules are to keep the forum a friendly place. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

Please note; the rules at any time without warning.

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