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This is all about fast,loud,chopping and psy cars...

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SA Rookie Division

1 ? 160 sq? (2 X 10? or 1 X 12? Subwoofer)

161 ? 260 sq? (3 X 10? or 2 X 12? or 1 X 15? Subwoofer)

261 + (2 X 15? + Subwoofer)

This division is only open to first time competitors in the
2005 competition season with no affiliation, relatives or support from
the car audio industry.

Competitors in the Rookie Division may only remain in
this division for one competition season, thereafter they will be
required to move up and compete in the Stock Division.
No additional batteries are allowed in the vehicle.

The vehicle must have a complete installation, including front speakers.
A limitation of R5000.00 excl VAT is set for subwoofers and amplifiers.

All equipment must be in the boot area with the exception to the head unit and front speakers.

The vehicle must be owned and run by the competitor.

No tones or frequencies can be played during testing.

Track 3 of the Max dB2 CD must be played continuously for the full 30 seconds.

The sub enclosure box must be covered in vinyl, leather or carpet and may not exceed 25? in height.

Full retail value must have been paid for all equipment and installation.

Proof of purchase must be available for scrutiny if so requested.

A maximum of 12 Volts is allowed.

Maximum of two amplifiers, one amplifier per subwoofer.

The vehicle must be roadworthy.

Only commercially available SPL ports allowed. No PVC piping may be used.

A maximum of one, three inch port per driver.

Original backboard with the only modification of a cutout to accommodate

6 X 9 speaker upgrade. The speakers must be mounted in the backboard during testing.

Stock Division:

The intent of the \"Stock\" Division is to provide a category for SPL
competition among contestants that have no affiliation or support from
the car audio industry and have obtained their mobile electronic
systems through retail channels. If requested by an event Offical,
proof of Purchase (eg, numbered sales receit) must be available for
verification. The maxium allowed voltage for stock competitors are now
set back to 18 volts, It will however be changed back to 15.5volts from
next year.


Stock 1- 160 square inches (no walls)

Stock 161 - 260 square inches (no walls)

Stock 261 + square inches (no wall)

The Stock Class will limit 1 amplifier and 1 capacitor per subwoofer
and no more than 1 additional battery to be utilized. You may not
disconnect the front battery and add the second battery in the boot as
then the car would not be stock. The vehicle interior must remain
stock. The enclosure must be in the OEM cargo area and cannot be taller
than 25 inches. OEM approved seats must remain in the vehicle. Seats
cannot be removed for SPL testing. Rear seats must remain in the
vehicle and can be folded down (if applicable). Speaker upgrades can be
made in front of the ?B? Pillar only for sound quality purposes. Pickup
truck cut-throughs are NOT allowed in this class. SUV?s and van
enclosures must be no more than 25 inches tall, and the position of the
cabinet fascia closest to the windshield must be half the distance from
the ?B? Pillar to the absolute OEM interior back of the vehicle.

Advanced Division:

The intent of the \"Advanced\" Division is to provide a format for
whose vehicle?s interior have been altered beyond the criteria found in
the \"Stock\" Division definitions, but lacking some of the criteria
that would make competition in the \"Ultimate\" Division compulsory.
?This class is available to all confident competitors whether they are
affiliated with, or have the support of, factions within the Car Audio
industry or not.


Advanced NW 1 ? 360 square inches (no walls) must remain stock. Cut throughs are allowed in this class.

Advanced 1 ? 260 square inches

Advanced 261 ? 360?? square inches

Advanced 361 - 720 square inches

Advanced 721 + square inches

The Advanced IdBL class can remove the seats from the vehicle during
testing only. Interior must remain stock and speaker upgrades are
allowed for sound quality purposes. Walls are allowed in this class
(excluding Adv NW-1). The subwoofer enclosure must be positioned behind
the ?B? pillar. Two (2) alternators are allowable with no limitations
on number of batteries or amplifiers.The max voltage allowed is 18

~~~~~~~Live Free & Rock On~~~~~~~

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