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This is all about fast,loud,chopping and psy cars...

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2007 Rookie Rules (street Class)

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This division is open to first time competitors in the 2007
season only, with no relatives, affiliation or support from the car
audio industry.

No sponsorships or discounted pricing is allowed in this division.

There are 3 divisions in Rookie Street division, 1-160 sq inches 161-260 sq inches and 261 ? unlimited

All vehicles must be original as from factory with no
modifications allowed to interior, except the addition of aftermarket
The vehicle must be roadworthy, owned and run by the competitor.

Full retail value must have been paid for all equipment and installation.

Proof of purchase must be available for scrutiny, if requested.

The vehicle must have a complete installation, including front speakers.

A Limit of R6000.00 incl. VAT is set for the subwoofers, amplifiers and capacitors.

All equipment must be in the boot area with the exception to the head unit and front speakers.

The vehicle?s spare wheel must be in factory location.

No tones or frequencies are allowed.

Track 3 of the Max dB2 CD is the only track that may be
used and it must be played continuously for the full 30 seconds of the

No cut outs allowed unless for mounting speakers

All seats to remain in upright position and locked into place.

All subwoofers, boxes, caps, equipment to be installed in boot area of vehicle.

One capacitor may be used with a maximum value of 2 farad this must also be included in the costing of the system.


Maximum of one 4 channel, 2000W amplifier to run the
front and rear speakers, if a monoblock amplifier is being utilized.
Only one monoblock amplifier to the maximum wattage of
3000W to run the subwoofers, regardless of the quantity of subwoofers.

All indicated amplifier power is not the RMS rating but measured as maximum power

All amplifiers must be commercially available to the public through retail channels.

No more than two amplifiers for the entire installation, will be permitted.

Batteries and Alternators

A battery may be upgraded to an equilivant OEM style
battery but must fit into the original battery mounting location using
original brackets and mounting accessories.
An allowance of 10 percent is allowed for current on the
OEM battery i.e. the vehicle is fitted with a 50 amp battery, the
maximum amps allowed on a replacement would be a 55 amp hour.

No alternator upgrades or replacements allowed in this division.

No additional batteries allowed.

o alternator or charging wire to be upgraded only factory OEM connections allowed.

A maximum of one 12 volt battery is allowed.


One positive 4 gauge power is allowed and must be
properly fused in front within 18 inches of the battery for safety

One negative 4 gauge earthed to chassis is allowed

A fuse distribution and ground block may be used in the rear to distribute the power to the amplifiers.

1 Circuit breaker is allowed in the front with a maximum of 200 amp rating.


A maximum of one 3inch port per subwoofer is allowed.

No PVC, sewerage pipe, or flared ports will be permitted.

Only the standard commercially available port will be allowed.


The original unmodified backboard must be in the vehicle.

The only modification would be for 6 X 9 speakers, or rear speakers which must be mounted in the backboard.

No gaps between the rear seats and backboard will be allowed.

No cut outs allowed in sedans or hatches without speakers fitted

No aftermarket boards allowed in hatchback vehicles.

Sub Enclosures

The sub enclosure box must be covered in vinyl, leather or painted.

No rough wood boxes will be allowed.

Imported subwoofer boxes that are commercially
available are allowed but the competitor must get approval from the
head judge before entering the class. This style of box is supplied
with original subwoofer. No modification to boxes or replacement of the
subwoofer is allowed.

No fibreglass re-enforcing, gel coating or bracing is allowed in the sub enclosure box.

Sound Deadening

Sound deadening (or dampening) materials may be used
behind or inside any factory OEM panels so long as the panel remains
intact, unaltered and in its original factory OEM location.

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You do know that most rules are to be broken...

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