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This is all about fast,loud,chopping and psy cars...

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Finished my sound...

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1Finished my sound... Empty Finished my sound... 13th January 2010, 07:20



First happy new year to all...
I finished the sound in my Fiesta well the amp rack that is lol...
This is when it was taken out agen...
Finished my sound... Lxwvam3wgaygdne8euff_thumb
big mesh with all the tools and things
Then is startet raining so I hade to move the Fiesta
Finished my sound... Lstrg9azuvywd9ysiag_thumb
Adding the floor to mount the amps on it
Finished my sound... Kppvr3gyqifpk7kv4fy_thumb
The top of it
Finished my sound... 613mi68194b9km5es8a_thumb
And then the carpet ones
Finished my sound... 7gmrwpx17ulzhnhh16u4_thumb
And one for fun Finished my sound... Icon_biggrin Finished my sound... Icon_wink Finished my sound... Icon_rolleyes
Finished my sound... Gaomvap07g4ez5sm5ofw_thumb
Finished my sound... 6q3cc5mecy8kfgx7861_thumb

2Finished my sound... Empty Re: Finished my sound... 14th January 2010, 09:50



jy laaik van geld mors ne
hehehe happy new year vir jou ok
bietjie kom kuier lat ek daai sound hoor

3Finished my sound... Empty Re: Finished my sound... 14th January 2010, 09:55



Sal so maak ek bly in Ruimsig nou... so sal moet plan maak

4Finished my sound... Empty Re: Finished my sound... 1st February 2010, 14:10



ha ha I'm not the only one who thinks you like to "mors geld" but it does look nice though.

Cant wait to have a nice car then your going to do my sound too...Wink

peace, love baby

5Finished my sound... Empty Re: Finished my sound... 4th February 2010, 11:50



Yes love I know you cant wait and that makes 2 of us cant wait to get the Toyota`s sound as well Wink

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